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Rhythm Core Values: At a Glance

Rhythm Core Values: At a Glance

Rhythm’s core values and guiding principles are an intentional declaration of what we believe, how we make decisions, and how we move our organization forward with alignment.

Each value has been selected thoughtfully and implemented through carefully-designed structures and systems within the organization. If you want to get to know us a bit better, we invite you to explore the core values that have shaped Rhythm since the beginning!

Customer-Driven Product

Every decision we make at Rhythm is built not only with the customer in mind but with their input, too. No product is complete until our customers say so.

Customer Obsessed

We always put ourselves in the customer’s shoes. Putting customers first isn’t just a tagline – it’s embedded into everything we do.

Honesty + Transparency

We see customers and employees as our partners – they always have a seat at the table. When in doubt, we are honest, give context, and trust our partners.

Move at Internet Speed

We're continuously innovating so that we're not just keeping up with our customers' expectations, we're exceeding them. 

Product First

When an idea benefits one customer, it likely benefits them all. Instead of relying on pricey customizations, we have a bias towards bringing innovative ideas to everyone directly in the product.

World-Class Team

If you look around at our team, you’ll see a diverse group of helpers, innovators, and creators who love making a difference. Every day, we show up for each other and our customers. And with infinite opportunities to learn and grow, we’re always getting better.

A Data Approach

They say you can't manage what you can't measure, so we measure everything. With accessible metrics and highly visible goals, we always know what we're working towards.

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